Eager Beavers

Driving Directions From Ithaca, NY

8346 East Port Bay Road
Wolcott, New York 14590

Starting from:
Ithaca, NY
Arriving at:
 8346 East Port Bay Road, Wolcott, NY 14590-9572
69.7 miles

Full Route Map
Full Route

1. Start out going West on NY-79 W  0.6
2. Turn LEFT onto NY-79 W/NY-13/NY-34. 0.1
3. Turn RIGHT onto NY-79/NY-96. 0.4
4. Turn RIGHT onto NY-89. 48.0
5. Turn SHARP LEFT onto NY-89/NY-31. 3.3
6. Turn RIGHT onto NY-89. 10.7
7. Stay straight to go onto AUBURN ST. 0.9
8. Turn RIGHT onto RIDGE RD. 0.0
9. Turn LEFT onto E PORT BAY RD. 5.6


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