Rules & Guidelines

Thank you for vacationing with us! We hope you have a great time. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with at 315 – 594 – 1509. For all emergencies call 911 & contact office.

Cancellation: ALL cancellations require 10-day notice. There is a $20 cancellation fee. Sorry, NO REFUNDS will be given for early departure or inclement weather. 

Children’s Safety: Parents will be notified of any unsafe behavior. Bike helmets are required 14 years and under. No bike riding through sites.  Return to sites by dusk or 9pm. You are your children’s guardian. Know where they are at all times.

Cleaning Policy: We strive to keep all of our facilities clean and inviting. Please let us know if there is a mess, or the restrooms need to be cleaned. 315 – 594 – 1509

Garbage: Take all trash to dumpster across from entrance on Roney Rd. Do not leave trash out overnight. No littering. No fish leavings in dumpster. Collect all cooking grease in a container and place in dumpster.

Holiday Weekend Policy: 3 day minimum. Payment in full 21 days prior to check in.  NO REFUNDS for HOLIDAYS.

Miscellaneous: Please be considerate of the facilities and other guests. No disorderly conduct, drugs or loud parties. Do not deface, cut or tie anything to our trees. Do not move fire rings. No lethal weapons, firearms, or fireworks. Campground is not responsible for your personal items.

Parking / Vehicles: Maximum of two cars per lot. No parking on other lots. Overflow parking across the street. No blocking road ways and right of ways, emergency vehicles need access at all times. Speed limit is 5mph in park.

Pet Policy: Pets must be registered, leashed and quiet. Owner must clean up after pet immediately. Pet rule form to be signed upon registration. Up to date health records required. No constant barking or you will be asked to leave. For others comfort and safety Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans are not allowed at the camp ground.

Quiet Hours: 11pm – 8am Friday, Saturday and holidays. Sunday thru Thursday 10pm – 8am.  All minors are to be on their site by 9pm. Off playground by dusk.  Please NO power equipment before 9am.

Rentals: 2 night minimum. Please leave them clean; empty refrigerator & garbage. Bedding not provided except for Main House.

Visitors: Overnight guest fee is $10/night for rental units and $5/night for camping units. Visitors must provide rabies certificate for pets. Visitors are the responsibility of the registered guest (follow the rules or be asked to leave).  No fee for day guests.  Day guest departure by 10:30 pm.

Water Access: Port Bay access across from Main House for kayaks and small boats. Width under 10 ft. Do not block or leave equipment in bay access.  No boating equipment to be taken down Lake Ontario access.  Use life jackets and safety equipment.  The Campground is not responsible for your water safety.

Wood: Wood for sale $5/armload or $20/ wheelbarrow. Honor system for payment at wood station.

Hours Open Daily May 1st - Oct. 15th / Check-in after 2pm. / Check-out before 11 am.
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